Joggers vs sweatpants - How do they compare?

Joggers and sweatpants are two popular choices to take into consideration when purchasing pants where comfort is the main attraction. Both are well-liked options for daily wear since they provide comfort and adaptability and are especially loved by moms who are on the go and always are on the hunt for easy to wear cute mom outfits. This guide aims to take you through the differences between our elevated Joggers at La Cinch and the everyday sweatpant to help you understand how they compare.

La Cinch joggers differ from sweatpants primarily in their aesthetic. Our joggers are made out of elevated woven fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, flowey and feel like second skin, where sweatpants are typically made with heavier stretch fabric like cotton or fleece fabrics and provide more warmth and cozy vibes. La Cinch joggers can be dressed up or dressed down and can go from day to night where sweatpants are designed to be worn when going for a more casual or athletic look. A pair of sweatpants could be worn to the gym or on a layed back excursion with friends, where our joggers can easily be worn to work or a night on the town in addition to being perfect for everyday wear, relaxing at home, running errands or traveleing. If you are looking for mom on the go outfit ideas or an everyday pant that feels both comfortable and fashion forward, both sweatpants and joggers can be the perfect wardrobe essential.

How are joggers supposed to fit? Our joggers feature slimmer legs that cinch at the bottom hugging your ankle which gives them a more flattering and modern appearance. They have elastic ankle cuffs and an elastic waistband that are not only beyond comfortable but look great on many different shapes and sizes. Additionally our joggers have extra deep pockets that can be zipped up which eliminate any bulkiness to your silhouette while keeping contents safe. Sweatpants, on the other hand, tend to fit looser and are less tailored. Typically, they feature straight legs, and the cuffs may or may not be elasticized. They could have pockets on the sides or on the backside and usually have a drawstring waistband. They are the pant of choice for lounge / athletic wear or a more casual, comfy look and are not necessarily meant to be flattering or elevated. When looking for an airplane outfit for moms or something to wear on the go, both work really well.

Joggers and sweatpants have functional differences that can affect when and where they should be worn. If you are looking for a versatile pant that can be styled a myriad of different ways, then joggers are for you. If you are wondering how to wear joggers, how to dress up joggers or how to incorporate them casually on-the-go, here is your cheat sheet: Style them with a pair of sneakers and t-shirt or sweatshirt and you are ready for the weekend. Pair them with heels and a blazer and you are dressing up joggers pants for your next event. La Cinch joggers allow you to feel effortlessly pulled together while remaining super comfortable. Conversely, sweatpants are a more casual style of pants that are frequently used for lounging or exercising. They work great with t-shirts or sweatshirts but can’t really be dressed up since they are typically made out of heavier fabrics with an interior texture that is plush and cozy to keep in the warmth. Sweatpants are perfect for wearing indoors or during cooler weather and often look more relaxed and casual because of their straight leg and looser fit.

The bottom line: sweatpants and joggers are both amazing options for comfortable looks and there is plenty of room in your wardrobe for them both!